Self-Defense for Women & Girls

Self-Defense for Women & Girls

Members of the Muscatine Police and Sheriff’s Departments teach and conduct these self-defense workshops.  Courses include discussion of safety, awareness of surroundings, what to do in certain situations,m social media and internet safety, and practice of basic self-defense techniques.  Classes are free but participants must pre-register here at the YMCA.     Non-members over 18 please bring a photo ID.

*For the girls’ workshops, a parent/guardian or adult family member must accompany girls/teens and will participate with them.

Group:     Girls 10-13 years old with Moms*
Day:        Thursday, June 10th
Time:       6:30-8:30 pm

Group:     Adults 18 years and older
Day:        Wednesday, June 16th
Time:       6:-8:30 pm

Group:     Girls 14+ years old with Moms*
Day:         Tuesday, June 22nd
Time:        6:30-8:30 pm