Aqua Yoga

Aqua Yoga

Have you ever tried Yoga in the Water?  Now is your chance!

Aqua Yoga makes the benefits of Yoga accessible to all body types and ability levels, and is a great addition to any exercise program.  The unique properties of water make it the perfect place to gain stability and balance.

Yoga in the water is a great way for those that find Yoga on land difficult or frustrating and equally rewarding for those more experienced who wish to enhance the practice!

Come give it a try!

Aqua Yoga

All Locations
12/5/19 - 12/19/19

Aqua Yoga will be held in the small pool.


1x per week (5 weeks)
Member:  $8.75
Nonmember:  17.50

December (3 weeks)
Member  $5.25

Registration Information  

Open Close MemberNon-Member
Aqua Yoga 8/26/19 12/4/19 Online / Front Desk $ 8.75$ 17.50

Available Sessions

Start Date End Date Spots
Special Rate
12/5/19 12/19/19 Small Pool - Th - 9:30 am - 1 hr Yes $5.25 - $10.5 Registration