Group Strength

This instructor-led weight training class will include a warm-up, full body conditioning and a good stretch at the end.  Class will incorporate hand weights, exercise tubing and steps, along with body weight exercises.

 group strength 2
 Two 5-weeks and one 3 week sessions

Days:     Monday and Wednesday
Time:     8:15-9:00am

Days:     Tuesday
Time:     10:15-11:00am

Days:     Friday (Session II & III)
Time:     10:15-11:00am 

1 x per week (5 weeks session)

Fees:   Member: $8.75
          Nonmember: $17.50

December (Session  III)
          (3 weeks session)

Fees:   Member: $5.25
          Nonmember: $10.50

Drop-In Fee: 
Members:  $2.75
                 Nonmembers:  $5.50

1823 Logan Street
Muscatine, Iowa 52761
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